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Spirit of Wellness Award

The Wellness committee is pleased to announce the annual “Spirit of Wellness Award”! The human ability to weather challenges, make healthy living a priority, and encourage or mentor others to make lifestyle changes is to be celebrated. If you know an employee who has made substantial changes in their nutrition, physical activity, emotional well-being, and has helped facilitate a culture of wellness in the workplace, or continues to live and lead a healthy lifestyle please fill out the nomination form below.

Spirit of Wellness form (pdf)


2017 Quarterly Spirit of Wellness Award Winners:

Miranda Buchanan- PCCU HPX

Cheryl Bost- Diabetes Center

Joann Dean, RN- PCCU HPX

Heather McDade, RN-  Nursing Resources

Greg Peery- HIT

Stephanie McGinnis- Corporate Communications

Viki Powel, RN-  Learning Resources

Kellie Riggs- The Health Club-2017 Spirit of Wellness Award Winner

Michael Shelton- HME

Kerri Taylor, RN- Nursing Resources



2016 Quarterly Spirit of Wellness Award Winners:

Nancy Brown- CNO, Executive Offices

Heather Dady- Primary Care West Norman

Joann Dean, RN - Cardiac Decision Unit

Chris Houck, RN- ICU

Stacy Hyden, Moore Physical Therapy

Amanda Jervis, Nursing Resources

Shelly Raper, RN - Endoscopy

Zdenka Ristic - EVS

Helena Sa, RN- Flex Pool- 2016 Spirit of Wellness Award Winner

Rachelle Selensky, RN - CVICU

Steven Smeal - Security

Beth Summers - HIT



2015 Quarterly Spirit of Wellness Award Winners: 

Veralyne Anderson - Health Information Management

Debbie Bennett - Physical Performance Center

Andy King - Respiratory Therapy

Richard Love- Health Information Technology

Miranda Matlick - 3 NW/ Porter-2015 Spirit Of Wellness Award Winner

LaRue Putman - Executive Office

LeAnn Richardson - Nursing Resources

Connie Snider- Food and Nutrition Service/ Healthplex

Kelli Stackable - Emergency Department/ Porter

Jackie Wilson-Inpatient Physical Rehabilitation/acute care

Yvonne Wright - Oklahoma Sleep Associates


2014 Quarterly Spirit of Wellness Award Winners:

Trish Arvantis- Healthplex Surgery

Deborah Hernandez- MPS Lab

Karen Tomes- Clinical Equipment

Sharon Miller-Office Coordinator, Occupational Medicine

Judy Stuart - Director Patient Safety & Accreditation

Karen Birkenholz, HIT

Jason Delgado, HIT

Teresa Garcia, 4 North, Porter Hospital

Eric Tyner, RN, Intensive Care Unit-2014 Spirit of Wellness Award Winner!!

Adam Lewis, HIT

Gloria Moran, RN,Health Promotion and Education

Lis Batson, EVS


2013 Quarterly Spirit of Wellness Award Winners:

Sally Allnutt- Moore Family Medicine

Julie Mallory- Food and Nutrition Services

Pam Spurr-Behavioral Medicine- 2013 Spirit of Wellness Award Winner!!

Daryl Voss- Executive Offices

Doyle Mann- Healthplex, Laundry and Linen

Bridget Pekah- Learning Resources

Chris Houck- Intensive Care Unit

Mindy Slaughterback - Off site Lab, Supervisor

Bonny Stephens- Labor and Delivery, Moore Medical Center

Jerry Deming, Health Promotion and Education

Tony Martin, HME & Oklahoma Sleep Associates

Rex Pace, Emergency Department, Porter hospital